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2) Every transaction must be manually classified as 'personal' or 'business'. I keep all my business money seperate ( bank account, paypal, etc.) There's no way (at least, according to the nice person on tech support) for me to tell Quickbooks 'every transaction in the business account is business related'..

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  • . Manually enter her data. Import her lists from an Excel spreadsheet. Use a third-party app to import her data. [Use the conversion tool to convert her existing QuickBooks Desktop data] Janice has been using QuickBooks Desktop to manage her business and is planning to switch to QuickBooks Online. What is the easiest way to migrate her data to .... So often, when troubleshooting QuickBooks ® files, deleting the JUNK from the client’s file is such a huge task. On top of that, it had to be done one by one, unless a third-party software was used. Now, built into QuickBooks Accountant in 2016, we have a tool that can batch delete the following types transactions: invoices, bills and checks..

    Delete transactions in quickbooks self employed

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    QuickBooks Self-Employed. Mint. Professional Accounting. ProConnect Tax Online. ProSeries. Lacerte. QuickBooks Online Accountant. ProAdvisor. Intuit Practice Management. Account Support. You can also reach out by calling Intuit Phone Support at 1-800-446-8848. Create an Account. Recover your Account. Company.